Investigative research

Since its establishment in 1946, JERI has continued to carry out its various research activities in accordance with the spirit of founder Kamekichi Takahashi, former chairman Osamu Shimomura and other predecessors, working toward the goal of contributing to the improved welfare and development of our economic society. The scope has expanded from the field of economics to include regional development, urban development and social infrastructure improvement, PFI/PPP, environment, energy, medicine, welfare and various other topics on the domestic scene. Also it now extends to overseas expansion by Japanese corporations in developing countries.
JERI’s researchers work together with organizations such as Development Bank of Japan Inc., Japan Economic Research Institute Inc. and other related institutions, and often carry out joint studies with university researchers, making good use of the foundation’s wide-ranging network.
Information gained from the research is disseminated to the public via our journal, “The JERI Monthly Report”.

“Financial Risk and Crisis Management after the Global Financial Crisis” Series

No. Title Author(s) PDF Date
9 General Overview: “Financial Risk and Crisis Management after the Global Financial Crisis” Eiji Ogawa [PDF:267KB] 6/2016
8 The IMF as a Global Framework for Currency and Financial Crisis Management Junko Koeda [PDF:579KB] 5/2016
7 The Federal Reserve’s Management of the Financial Crisis through Quantitative Easing and Currency Swap Agreements Chikafumi Nakamura [PDF:740KB] 4/2016
6 Capital Flow, Exchange Rate and Financial Risk Management in Asia
-Roles and Issues of Intra-Regional Financial Cooperation-
Junko Shimizu [PDF:800KB] 3/2016
5 Financial Crisis Management and the Development of the Banking Union in the EU Yuri Sasaki [PDF:586KB] 2/2016
4 The US-origin Global Financial Crisis and the Development of Financial Regulations Hanazaki Masaharu [PDF:854KB] 1/2016
3 Shocks in Japanese Corporate Bond Market during the Global Financial Crisis Yukihiro Yasuda [PDF:653KB] 12/2015
2 New Movements of Financial Risk Analysis in Post-Financial Crisis Hisashi
[PDF:428KB] 11/2015
1 The Global Financial Crisis and Management of the Eurozone Crisis Eiji Ogawa [PDF:391KB] 10/2015

Investigative research(Japanese)

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